Product Manuals

So you've received your parcel, you've fought kitty to stay out of the box, you've got the right bolts and you're excited to finally use those new handyman tools you got for Christmas... lets get installing!


#1 - To ensure your cat’s safety, please read all instructions and recommendations in the Installation Manual BEFORE commencing installation.

#2 - Different walls and building materials require different solutions; we recommend you consult a professional and visit a hardware store to ensure proper fixing for your particular wall.

Printed Installation Guides


    Instruction Manual for Gyprock / Drywall Installation

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    Instruction Manual For Solid / Brick Wall Installation

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Video Installation Guides

Still a little lost?

That's OK! We are here to help. All we hope for is your home install to look gorgeous and your cat to safely enjoy their new shelves, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us for some guidance

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