A Feline Filled Holiday: Enjoying the Season with Cats

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We all adore our feline friends; however, the festive season can add complexity to our homes. How often have we wondered when our mischievous cat will topple the Christmas tree or send a cherished ornament crashing down the hallway? However, navigating the silly season with cats doesn't have to be a recipe for disaster.

At Pryde Pets, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to ensure both your pets and your festive decor remain safe. Let's create a Cat-Proof Christmas that's purr-fectly delightful in every way.

 cat in a christmas tree

Celebrating the Silly Season with Cats: Is it a Challenge or a Festive Delight?

The combination of cats and Christmas may seem peculiar. While we appreciate our feline friends for their boundless curiosity, this very trait can make it challenging to keep ornaments and lights from becoming irresistible playthings. Here are some precautions to consider:

  1. If your cat is prone to climbing, secure your tree to the ceiling or an adjacent wall for stability.

  2. Opt for non-breakable ornaments, such as plastic, wood, and other sturdy materials, to prevent injuries from shattered items.

  3. Keep toxic foods like chocolate and desserts containing Xylitol and plants like lilies, holly, and poinsettias out of reach to avoid accidental poisoning.

  4. Tinsel and curling ribbons pose significant risks, as they can be easily ingested, leading to serious digestive obstructions that may require surgery.

two cats sitting next to christmas tree

Paw-some Gifts for your Whiskered Companion

Now that we've addressed potential risks let's focus on the delightful side of a cat-friendly holiday. Planning and a touch of creativity can make the season special for your feline friend:

  1. Cat Climbers – Steer your cat's attention away from the Christmas Tree by providing a designated climbing wall for exploration, exercise and cosy naps.

  2. Personalised stocking – Fill a pet stocking with catnip, catnip mice, treats, and grooming supplies for a festive surprise.

  3. Tiki Cat Stix – These are the only treats Pryde Pet's mascot, Mustang, literally screams for - after all, don't we all deserve a little Christmas indulgence?

  4. Picture with Santa – Capture the holiday spirit with a picture of your cat with Santa, either at pet-friendly venues or by donning a Santa costume at home for Instagram-worthy shots.

A Quiet Night for Contended Cats

While holidays can be joyous, they can also induce stress in our whiskered pals. If your cat experiences anxiety in crowded or noisy settings (NYE fireworks!), consider providing a secure and comfortable space for them. Ensure they have all their creature comforts like treats, toys and a cosy place to nap for a relaxed and stress-free Christmas. After the hustle and bustle of the day, unwind with some cosy kitty snuggles!

Wishing you and your feline friends a Meowy Christmas.