The Cosy Mystery: Why Does My Cat Sleep Under the Covers?

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cat sleeping under covers


Cats never fail to amaze us with their curious behaviours, and as cat owners, we are often left pondering their quirky actions. One such puzzling behaviour is when our feline companions choose to snuggle under the covers while co-sleeping with us. Since cats don't typically sleep under covers, this raises the question, "Why does my cat sleep under the covers?" The answer is heartwarming and reveals the special bond between feline and human.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping with Your Cat

Before delving into the reasons behind this adorable behaviour, let's explore the benefits of co-sleeping with your furry friend:

  1. Strengthening the bond between you and your cat.

  2. Offering each other a sense of security and companionship, particularly if you live alone.

  3. Maintaining a similar sleep schedule fosters a more harmonious cohabitation.

cat sleeping under blanket

Preferred Spots for Cats While Sharing the Bed

Cats are particular about where they choose to sleep on the bed, and their preferences can vary based on their size and comfort needs. Many cats tend to gravitate towards the foot of the bed, where they can stretch out and enjoy the freedom to move around comfortably. Others may opt to snuggle by your head, seeking warmth and reassurance.

Why Cats Sleep Under the Covers

If you find your cat snuggled under the covers with you, consider it a purr-fect feline compliment. There are a couple of reasons why your feline might choose to do so:

  1. Seeking Warmth: Cats with thinner fur may cosy under the covers to satisfy their body's need for warmth, especially during colder nights. In contrast, Sphynx cats, with their naturally warmer body temperature, might prefer sleeping on top of the covers.

  2. Feeling Safe and Protected: Cats are naturally drawn to safe and secure spaces, and sleeping under the covers allows them to feel protected while they snooze. This behaviour is their way of showing that they trust you as their guardian and look to you for comfort.


The mystery behind why our cats sleep under the covers is unravelled by their adorable need for warmth, security, and a close bond with their human companions. When your cat chooses to snuggle under the covers with you, it's a heartwarming display of love and trust. So, embrace this cuddly gesture and enjoy the extra warmth and comfort your feline friend brings to your bedtime routine. Sleeping with your cat can indeed promote a sense of calm and relaxation, leading to a more restful slumber for both of you.