The Curious Case of Cats Following You Into the Bathroom

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As any cat owner knows, our feline friends can be enigmatic creatures. From their quirky behaviours to their innate curiosity, cats never fail to surprise us. One puzzling phenomenon many cat owners have experienced is their furry companions following them into the bathroom. It's an intriguing and amusing behaviour that often leaves us wondering, "Why do they do that?" While there's no definitive answer, several possible explanations shed light on this amusing feline habit.

kitten in linen closet

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Cats are natural explorers, and indoor cats, in particular, may experience bouts of boredom. They are always on the lookout for something interesting to investigate or be a part of. Closing the bathroom door creates a sense of mystery and intrigue for them, and they simply can't resist the urge to find out what's happening on the other side. Their inquisitive nature leads them to follow you, ensuring they don't miss out on any exciting moments.

curious cat peering over ledge

Are You Having Fun Without Them?

Cats love being at the centre of attention and want to take advantage of all your enjoyable moments. Whether cuddling in bed or sipping your morning coffee, they want to be by your side. This extends to your bathroom breaks, where they want to ensure they're not missing any captivating activities. While it may seem odd, watching you shower or use the toilet may be an entertaining pastime for your feline friend.

Is There Food in the Room?

Food-motivated cats have a unique way of associating any human movement with a potential snack opportunity. So, when you get up and move to another room, including the bathroom, they may wonder if you're secretly enjoying a delicious treat without them. They don't want to be left out, and their curiosity drives them to investigate and find out if there's any hidden food source in the bathroom.

Guarding and Protecting

Cats have a territorial and protective nature and feel a sense of responsibility towards their human companions. When you're in the bathroom, they might perceive you as being in a vulnerable state, and their instincts kick in to ensure your safety. Following you and standing guard could be their way of protecting you from any potential threats that might lurk behind that closed door.

Felines and Their Vengeance

Cats are known for their occasional vindictive attitudes, which can be frustrating and endearing. If you've ever experienced your cat showing defiance or ignoring your commands, you know what we mean. Some theories suggest that cats might follow you into the bathroom as a form of payback for the times you've cleaned their litter box or taken away their favourite spot. They want you to know that they can invade your private space too.

Bathroom - A Cat's Fun Haven

From running water in the sink to intriguing shadows on the tiles, the bathroom offers an array of exciting stimuli for a bored cat. Chasing after shadows or enjoying the cool surface of the sink are just some of the ways cats entertain themselves in the bathroom. It becomes their playground, and they won't resist joining you for their daily dose of amusement.

cat drinking water from a bathroom tap

Instinctual Behavior

Cats still retain some instinctual behaviours from their wild ancestors. With its enclosed space and hiding spots, the bathroom gives them a perfect vantage point to exhibit their hunting and stalking instincts. Peeking at you from the tub or inside the shower is their way of practising their innate behaviours while being close to their beloved human.

Lounging in the Sink

The bathroom sink is a top pick for a cat seeking the ultimate spot to unwind. Its snug dimensions create a perfect nook for a kitty to curl up and take a peaceful nap. Additionally, the cool surface of the sink offers a refreshing respite, making it an attractive choice for cats looking to beat the heat. When your feline friend follows you into the bathroom, they may have their eyes set on that cozy sink sanctuary.

Seeking Heated Tiles

With the increasing popularity of heated bathroom flooring, it's no surprise that cats have also discovered this little slice of paradise. The warmth emanating from heated tiles provides a toasty haven for our feline companions to relax comfortably. So, when your cat accompanies you into the bathroom, they might be enticed by the allure of those cozy, heated tiles. After all, who can resist the temptation of a warm and soothing spot to lounge around?

man patting kitten while on the toilet


The reasons why cats follow us into the bathroom may forever remain a mystery. Still, one thing is clear: our feline companions' peculiar behaviours never fail to entertain and fascinate us. Whether they're driven by curiosity, boredom, protection, or simply their desire to be close to us, the bathroom remains a captivating place for our furry friends. Embrace these endearing quirks and revel in the undeniable bond between you and your feline companion, even in the most private moments. After all, it's just another aspect of the wonderful world of being a cat owner.